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Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay

Launched in 2021, by dedicated and visionary leaders, Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay is growing into an impactful Gender and Sexual Diversity Social Movement. We emphasize transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle. We are constantly growing and adapting to the changes of society, and invite you to learn more about how you can make an impact.

At Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay, we’re ready for something better. Based in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, our transformative GSD Social Movement mobilizes people from all over to take action and create a meaningful and lasting impact.

About our Logo:

Our logo shares that there is a home for everyone's uniqueness through equity and acceptance.  The Colours represent the Pride Flag, Transgender Flag and Black and Brown from the new Progress Pride Flag representing our BIPOC community.  We will always treat everyone as equals! 




*RCTB logo designed by Firedog Communications, we thank them for their support*

About Us: About

Your Community Advocates

Meet the Founders & Board of Directors of Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay

Jason Veltri


Annalicia Kaban 

Vice President

of Engagement

Daniel Stilla   (He/Him)

of Outreach

Jessy Bogacki  (They/Them)

Education Consultant

Donna Nagy


Jason Veltri.jpg
Donna Nagy.jpg

We are Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay

A special thank you to Sociable Thunder Bay for producing this video for us.

Corporate Documents

Available for Download

By-Laws of Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay

Code of Conduct

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