Image by Tristan B.

Our Mission

Thunder Bay Rainbow Collective’s mission will be to advocate for and promote Gender & Sexual Diversity across Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. We will do this by:

  • Celebrating people, no matter sexual or gender identities.

  • Respecting each other for who they authentically are without prejudice

  • Providing education to build more inclusive communities

  • Advocating for those who are still struggling to see themselves in our communities

Our Vision

To build, grow and empower an inclusive and diverse community no matter your identity. You will be accepted, heard, seen and valued.

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Our Values


We're committed to supporting our communities to be their authentic selves by embracing their identities and cultures.


We're committed to investing in our community through continuous learning and education


We’re committed to unapologetically celebrating our Trans & Queer past, present, and future through fierce advocacy

Social Justice

We’re committed to liberation – to challenging the norms and institutionalization of white supremacy, dominance, colonialism and exclusion and their inherent ties to homophobia, transphobia & biphobia