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Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay offers a variety of workshops of different lengths both virtually or in-person. These workshops can be customized for your unique participants and environment. For example, the Gender and Sexual Diversity and Inclusion Workshop can touch on the history of the DSM for mental health professionals or gender affirming care for medical providers.


Sessions can also be made kid friendly for a younger audience. If you’re looking for something not listed, just ask, we may be able to make it happen or find someone who can. Facilitators are also available as guest speakers for events and to share personal experiences as community members.

To inquire about booking, pricing or customized workshops please contact us. If you are a Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour, or a gender and sexual diverse owned business or a non-profit please ask about our tiered pricing.

Gender and Sexual Diversity and Inclusion*
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1-3h Lecture or Interactive

This workshop is an informative and educational session on gender and sexual diversity and inclusion that will help participants understand and support the community while challenging their bias and assumptions. Participants will learn language to communicate respectfully with the community and learn how to create more inclusive spaces. Participants will leave feeling confident supporting and collaborating with the gender and sexual diversity community. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the past and present struggles the community faces due to gender and sexual diversity and their intersecting identities

  • Define 2SLGBTIQ+ terminology

  • Differentiate between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression and attraction

  • Examine where one may hold privilege and how that contribute to bias

  • Proper usage of pronouns and gender neutral language

  • Strategies to create more inclusive and equitable environments

Gender Neutral Language

30mins -1h Interactive

This workshop will teach participants options for gender neutral language to describe themselves and the world around them. Participants will learn gender neutral language for introductions, romantic and familiar relationships, and even gendered body parts if appropriate, This session is best suited for those under the gender diverse umbrella who want to find language for people to use in reference to them or folx who are looking for a creative ways to expand their knowledge of gender neutral language options. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Gender neutral language for introductions such as official titles and referencing a group

  • New language to describe relationships no matter the status

  • Words to describe family relations so that people feel just as much a part of the family

Pronouns 101

30mins -1h Lecture or Interactive

This workshop will teach participants the importance of pronouns, what they are and how to use them. The session will break down common misconceptions around gender neutral pronoun usage, how to properly ask for someone’s pronouns and what to do if you make a mistake. Participants will get a quick grammar lesson on how gender neutral pronouns properly so that they can feel confident using them. 

Learning Objectives

  • Confidence to ask and use proper pronouns

  • When it is appropriate to ask for someone’s pronouns

  • Best practice of gender neutral pronoun usage

Coming Out Checklist

30mins -1.5h Lecture or Interactive

This workshop is a fun way to get some insight on how to prepare for coming out making it best suit for those within the community or who wants to share the tools with someone who is. This workshop will not tell each participant that they have to come out, sometimes it’s best to wait and some people may choose never to come out. It’s all about using the tools to find what you think will work best for you. Longer sessions will allow for time to discuss coming out stories and what success and challenges participants have faced. 

Learning Objectives

  • Find out if you’re ready to come out

  • Explore the different options to come out to friends, family, co-workers and/or partner(s) and what works best for your unique situation

  • Safety plans to prepare for the unexpected

  • Tips for preparation

Transgender Medical Care

1-2h Lecture

or Q&A

This workshop will provide information on the various medical options transgender, non-binary and others within the gender diverse community may explore. While not all trans people will seek gender affirming medical care, there are drugs and surgical procedures for those who do. This workshop is best suited for trans individuals and their loved ones who want better knowledge in order to make informed decisions or medical practitioners who want to provide trans competent care. Facilitation will be done by a trans individual and/or trans competent medical provider.  


Learning Objectives

  • Trans competent providers for medical and mental health needs locally

  • Knowledge on variety of options available to trans individuals 

  • None surgical or hormonal options for youth

  • Limitations, risks and expectations associated with each intervention

Supporting a Transgender Person

1-2h Lecture

and Q&A

This workshop is for folx who want to do everything they can to support trans individuals. Participants will learn about ways they can affirm someone’s gender and the things that may unknowingly be causing harm. If you are looking for specific help, it is recommended that participants are looking to support the same individual or have the same sort of relationship with a trans individual (all guardians of trans youth). If needed, support for participants can also be discussed as they may also be going through a “transition”. 


Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of a trans persons needs and how best to meet them

  • Whether current methods are harmful or helpful

  • Tips create a trans inclusive or gender neutral space to show you care

If you have a tight budget, all staff cannot attend the main session, or you want to check out our material ahead of time our pre-recorded GSD series with may be a good option for you. You can purchase the Enlightened Unicorn for $15 or you can access the whole site for $9.99/month (free for the first 7 days). The series contains 7 videos roughly 5-20 minutes in length.

Workshop Inquiries

To inquire about workshops, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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